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Eep! You Found Me!

Kathrine Noelle Caldwell Holmes
18 December
Full Name: Katie Noelle Holmes
Birth Date: December 18, 1978
Birthplace: Toledo, Ohio, USA
Family: My dad, Martin, who is a lawyer, My mom, Kathy, who is a homemaker, three older sisters and one older brother
Education: Graduated from Notre Dame Academy, an all-girls Catholic High School and she was accepted to Columbia University (the same university Julia Stiles is attending)
Favorite Movies: "My Best Friend's Wedding", "Pretty in Pink", "Sixteen Candles"
Favorite TV shows: "Party of Five", "ER"
Favorite Actors/Actresses: Tom Hanks, Meg Ryan, Jodie Foster
Favorite Directors: Woody Allen, Ron Howard, Oliver Stone
Favorite Musicians: Sarah McLachlan, Tracy Chapman, Frank Sinatra, Jewel, The Dave Matthews Band, Natalie Merchant
Favorite Books: "Snow Falling on Cedars" by David Guterson, "The Awakening" by Kate Chopin